What is a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm?

As a registered investment advisory firm, Treybourne Wealth Planners, Inc., acts in a fiduciary capacity-which means we always put the interests of our clients ahead of our own interests. Under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, any firm that is engaged in the business of providing financial advice for a fee is considered to be an “investment advisor.” These firms are required to be registered with the appropriate federal or state agency. As such, Treybourne Wealth Planners, Inc., is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What does the CPA/PFS designation indicate?

PFS is a specialty credential awarded by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to CPAs who specialize in helping individuals plan all aspects of their wealth. Every three years, PFS professionals must complete 60 hours of continuing professional education. PFS applicants study estate planning, retirement planning, investing, insurance, and other areas of personal financial planning. To attain a PFS designation, candidates must be active members of the AICPA, have at least three years of financial-planning experience, meet all the requirements for being a CPA, receive professional recommendations, and pass a comprehensive written exam.

Why choose a fee-only wealth planner?

A fee-only wealth planner is compensated solely by the client. Commission-based advisors receive commissions from product sales, such as insurance and investment products. Often these products may offer a high commission but may not be best for you. We put your interest first, always. We receive no commissions from any investment, insurance, or other financial product we recommend to you. Our only source of compensation is the fee you pay us, ensuring that you get objective advice about your finances.

How much does wealth planning cost?

As fee-only wealth planners, our services are based on a quarterly fee that generally is about 1.0% of your assets under management. Our services also are available on an hourly basis at $150 to $200 per hour, depending on complexity, with typical engagements averaging a minimum of $2,500.

Can I use just one of your services?

We offer solutions using a consultative approach, with the goal of simplifying your financial life. Typically, coordinating your investment portfolios and wealth planning is the best path to achieving this goal. While the majority of our clients seek both services, when appropriate, we are able to unbundle our services and provide only investment management or wealth planning to meet your needs.

I consider myself to be financially savvy. Do I need a wealth advisor?

Did you know that the majority of all millionaires have hired the assistance of a planner? These highly successful and disciplined people know that accountability is vital to success. However, many people with the knowledge and experience to manage their own assets will procrastinate when it is time to make a decision. Often, their needs take a back seat to jobs or family. We add value not only by helping you develop a plan, but also by implementing and adjusting it when necessary. Our knowledge and accountability as a financial advisor can help you take the necessary actions to meet your goals.

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