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I Got Married Last Weekend! The Planning is Finally Done…or is it?

Planning your wedding can occupy much of your time and attention and cause a lot of added stress.  I got married last weekend and am breathing a sigh of relief that the planning for our big day has come to an end and everything went smoothly.  But what about planning for our married financial life?  As perfect as you want your special day to be, these financial decisions will impact the rest of your lives more than the color of your table linens or wine that is served.  And I thought choosing the perfect first dance song and coordinating accommodations for out-of-town guests was stressful!  Now we need to talk about budgets, debt, and pre-nups! How to Start the Conversation: The most important thing to remember when starting to discuss finances with your future spouse is to be honest.  Share everything - every account, credit card debt, student loan, etc.  Put...
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Tips to Start Repaying Your Student Loans After Graduation

The latest research shows there are currently 44 million student borrowers in the U.S. that share $1.4 trillion in student loan debt.  The average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt. With many students choosing to continue their education beyond a Bachelor’s degree, students are taking on more of this debt later in life making it even harder to repay. Income that would be used to repay student loans is now competing with retirement savings, home purchases, and the costs of raising a family.  Although logging into your student loan account and seeing that balance can be overwhelming and you may want to avoid it at all costs, the sooner you develop a plan to tackle it, the more money you will save in interest and the sooner you can start saving more for your future. When to Start Payments Start payments right after graduation, if not before....
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My Employer Sponsors a 401k Plan – How do I Get Started? What Do I Need to Know?

You know you should be saving for retirement but it’s difficult to make it a priority when it seems so far away.  You have current financial demands – living expenses, paying down student loans, rent/mortgage, etc. and it feels like you don’t have much to contribute to retirement right now, but all you have to do is start with something!  A 25 year-old who starts saving $100 a month, with a 7% rate of return would have close to $265,000 by age 65. One of the biggest advantages that we have is time.  We have time to save and time for our money to grow.  Creating these habits of saving now will pay off greatly when you reach retirement.   How Much Should I Contribute? Most employer 401k plans include a match up to a specified percentage of your contributions.  By not contributing to your 401k, you are turning down part...
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Budgeting – It’s Not as Scary as it Sounds

Have you been putting off creating a budget because it seems overwhelming and scary? Creating a budget doesn’t mean that you have to cut out the things you enjoy or track every dollar you spend. Rather, budgeting helps you to align your spending with what you value most. So where do you start? There are many tools available to make budgeting easier. The spending and budgeting feature of eMoney is one valuable tool offered to Treybourne Wealth clients. Using a budgeting tool, like eMoney, allows you to electronically link your spending and saving/investing accounts, and place your transactions into the appropriate categories. eMoney will recognize repetitive transactions and categorize them for you going forward. Once you have transactions categorized, you can see at a glance where your money is going. From here, you can begin evaluating your spending/saving habits and make adjustments when creating your budget. eMoney is not the only...
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