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Routine and Discipline

School started last week for my youngest and this week for my oldest.  Although my husband and I both work outside the home and we still had a schedule, routine and discipline were definitely lost as popsicles became more of a staple than a treat and bedtime became coming in from the outdoors at dark.  We enjoy summer as there is more time with family, friends and neighbors, more time for adventure, the sunlight feels so good and allows us to easily get outdoors, and there is no talk of homework.  I would say a good term for the feeling is a “summertime lullaby.”  I recently read this term “summertime lullaby” when describing the market euphoria that has become much discussed during the summer of 2017.  Last week, the DOW hit an all-time high and posted its eighth straight record close.  US equity indices have been on a tear lately and...
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Observations On College Savings

My oldest baby boy turned 8 this week.  So hard for me to believe!  Double it and I have a teenage driver closing in on a college decision.  Speaking of college decision, we have an Indiana CollegeChoice 529 plan in place for him.  He is reaching an age where an automatic adjustment is happening within the account.  We have benefited from the Indiana state income tax credit currently available for the last 8 years – 20% of the contributions (up to $5,000 annually) made by the taxpayer.  As we round out this birthday, we are reviewing if we are on track for the college savings goal we set. As I look at college savings for our family, I thought I would share observations I have made planning for college for our family and helping others do the same: 1.)    Make sure you know that you are in a financial place to...
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The Tough Job of Continuous Accumulation

Every paycheck, you may see a line item reducing your net pay titled pre-tax 401k.  If you are making a ROTH 401k contribution, that net pay looks even lower.  If eligible, you may be contributing to an IRA, a ROTH IRA, or a HSA.  You may be adding money to a 529 plan for your children’s college education.  You may be doing savings into a brokerage or bank account for short-term goals, a business acquisition, and/or for retirement.  You see Social Security and Medicare tax being withheld from your paycheck, and you comply because you must while wondering if those programs will provide any benefit to you when you reach age of eligibility.  On the spending side, you may be making sacrifices to provide for the savings level you have committed to. If you are doing retirement savings while balancing current spending and other savings goals, I have noted the following...
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