Investment Management

Our goal is to customize an optimally diversified portfolio for each client. We conduct our research in coordination with our carefully selected investment partners

Our approach to managing your wealth starts with our fundamental risk tolerance analysis. Once we have been able to work with you to determine your appetite for risk, an appropriate portfolio model is recommended.  This model has a loss threshold which is documented in our Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  The model’s historical returns for multiple time periods are presented in the IPS so expectations are clear.

We believe that combining active management, market-cap strategies, and fundamental strategies can provide more diversified portfolios with minimal expenses.   Active management is limited to asset classes with more volatility and fewer analysts, which creates more inefficiencies.  Investing in small, medium, and large asset classes provides the diversification needed to optimize investment results. Strategic beta strategies are used in an effort to enhance returns or minimize risk relative to a traditional market capitalization-weighted benchmark.

For clients with multiple goals, distinctly different strategies may be implemented for each individual goal. It is our mission to provide our clients with solutions which are not marred by the threat of biased recommendations. Our independence aligns our goals with yours, enabling both of us to succeed.

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