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What is wealth planning? At Treybourne Wealth Planners, we believe that our clients have different ways of defining wealth and what is important in their lives. For some it may be preserving wealth that has been accumulated for the next generation, for some it may be supporting a lifestyle that includes significant charitable giving and philanthropy, for some it may be working toward an early retirement to allow more frequent visits to children and grandchildren spread across the country. No matter what the perception of wealth, we want to help our clients have a plan to meet their life’s goals.

Technically speaking, wealth planning addresses three important issues:

  • Creating, growing, and preserving wealth (Will I have enough during my life?)
  • Planning for the use of wealth during life (Where will the money come from to support my lifestyle and other objectives?)
  • Planning for the distribution of wealth at death (Who gets it when I die?)

At Treybourne Wealth Planners, we want to understand what you are trying to accomplish and what defines your purpose. Wealth planning transcends “the number” or an asset allocation in working to strategically achieve what is important to you.

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